Click on the picture or fly name for a link to a fly pattern sheet with pictures and tying directions. Some fly pattern sheets have pictures of real bugs to help “match the hatch”. In addition, many fly pattern sheets have pictures of other color variations.


  1. John,
    Would like to order 1/2 dozen LaF sparkle pupa and 1/2 dozen LaF diving caddis. Prefer barbed hooks as I am getting my nephew started and will probably give most of them to him. He still needs to work on line control, so the barbs help. I prefer to file mine down by half so there’s a smooth bump there. Please advise as to cost and time frame.
    Kind regards,

  2. I really like Silvey’s caddis pupa. It appears to be the best imitation of a caddis fly pupa. What I really want is that pattern tied for an October Caddis. Sizes 6, 8 & /or 10. I fish the Clearwater River in Idaho every fall. Want to fish this fly under a Skater-who knows-maybe swing it. Perhaps two different patterns for different types of “presentations”. One on a scud type hook (TMC 2499SPBL) and the other on a 7999 or some other heavy 1X or 2X long hook.
    If you have any thoughts and would be interested in tying some pupa for me-great.
    Have Fun,
    Gary Bruner

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