Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Peacock Caddis.

Peacock Caddis |
Peacock Caddis Materials |




Tiemco 200R, #18 – 20


Olive 8/0


Peacock herl


Deer hair with short black tips


Brown &/or Grizzly


  1. Start thread on hook and attach 3 pieces of peacock herl.
  2. Twist herl around thread and begin body at bard of hook. Wind forward to 75% mark. The thread will strengthen the peacock herl.
  3. Clean and stack deer hair. Tie in wing.
  4. Size two hackles so they are the same size. 
  5. Tie in hackles and wrap each with 3 wraps. If only using one hackle color, complete 6 wraps.
  6. Tie off hackle and whip finish.
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