Water Boatman TBT

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Water Boatman TBT.

Water Boatman | www.johnkreft.com

Peter Bowers from the Patient Angler in Bend taught this fly during a Central Oregon Flyfisher’s Winter Fly Tying class a couple of years ago. He said the Water Boatman was a fly tied for Lake in the Dunes many years ago.

I wish I knew the origin of the fly.

I tied one for John Shewey, editor of Northwest Fly Fishing magazine. An article about Water Boatman flies is in the latest edition (July/August 2017). My friend John Sherry of Netknots posted the following picture on my RiverKeeper Flies Facebook page.

Nice John!

Posted by John Sherry on Monday, July 3, 2017

Pick up a copy for yourself to learn more.

Since I wrote about Facebook, it might be a good time to encourage you to follow me on FaceBook (RiverKeeper Flies) or Instagram (@riverkeeperflies). I periodically post some pictures on these sites.

Enjoy…go fish!

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2017 Next Cast Flyfishers Master Class

Last week I helped my wife lead the 2017 Next Cast Flyfishers master class outing at East Lake. She has done a terrific job leading these young fly fishers. Seven fly fishers between ages 12 and 16 were invited to attend this year’s outing. This was the second year we held the camp for these experienced fly fishers. The kids who were invited to attend have participated in numerous Next Cast activities, including multiple Fish Camps, river clean-ups, fly casting, and fly tying.

Next Cast Flyfishers 2017 | www.johnkreft.com

Our goal was to help these kids be self-sufficient in their fly fishing journey. They’ve learned to put their own rods together, tie knots, attach tippets and flies, and even use a few of their own hand-tied flies. Continue reading

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Fish Camp 2017

Fish Camp 2017 finished up last week with 12 more kids learning to fly fish. Fish Camp is a 3-day fly fishing camp for kids 10 – 14 years old in Bend, OR. It’s part of our fly club’s Next Cast Flyfishers (our youth program) goal to get kids into fly fishing in Central Oregon.

12 Young Flyfishers | www.johnkreft.com

My wife runs the camp and Fish Camp 2017 was our 5th year and I’m happy to help along with 10 more volunteers from our Central Oregon Flyfishers. Continue reading

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Egan’s Rainbow Warrior

This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Rainbow Warrior, a fly developed by Lance Egan.

Rainbow Warrior | www.johnkreft.com

The Rainbow Warrior is a relatively new “old” fly. I enjoy highlighting a variety of flies and this is fly catches fish. 

Lance Egan has been a member of Fly Fishing Team USA since 2003 at the World Fly Fishing Championships. He won the a personal bronze medal at the 2016 event. This is just to say he knows how to catch fish and designs flies that work.

Lance tells the story of how he developed the Rainbow Warrior in his own words in a TroutLegend Forum post. You can read it HERE.

I plan on tying a few more of these flies for my upcoming fly fishing road trip.

Enjoy…go fish!


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Effective East Lake Flies

I haven’t fished any lakes yet this year, but hopefully that will change this week. I think East Lake will be my fishing destination in a couple of days. I thought I’d use my own resources to refresh my memory for a few effective East Lake flies I need in my fly box. I created a separate fly box for East Lake called…you guessed it, East Lake Fly Box. In addition, I looked in the Lake Flies box to see if I missed anything.

I can’t wait to get back up there. It’s a very peaceful place when the wind isn’t blowing.

East Lake September | www.johnkreft.com

If you are a regular RiverKeeper Flies reader, you might remember my post entitled Fishing East Lake a couple of years ago. I talked about the flies I needed there as well and which flies worked for us. Continue reading

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Mayfly Spinners

On one of my fly fishing trips to the river last week, I was waiting for the fish to begin rising and I was curious about what flies were in the drift and available to the fish. A good place to find out is on the edges of an eddy. So I walked downstream to an eddy I’ve checked before and guess what I found? Mayfly spinners!

Brown Mayfly Spinner | www.johnkreft.com

I couldn’t believe the number and variety I found…Green Drakes, Brown Drakes, Pale Evening Duns (PEDs), Pale Morning Duns (PMDs), and a few others I don’t know the name of. Continue reading

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