Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Klinkhåmer Special.

Klinkhamer Special |




Daiichi 1160, #8 – 14


8/0 Uni tan for body, Danville Spiderweb for hackle


Superfine tan or gray (original pattern – Fly Rite light tan poly 2, #19 or 20


Peacock herl, 3 strands


White poly


Medium dun

I’ve used 16/0 Veevus thread for tying off the hackle.

Here is the history of the Klinkhåmer Special from Hans van Klinken in his own words posted on the website by Tom Sutcliffe called – The Spirit of Fly Fishing – in April 2012, the 25th anniversary. CLICK HERE

Watch Hans van Klinken tie the Klinkhåmer Special in this VIDEO.

As designed, only the hackle will float the fly with the body and thorax submerged. At least 5 turns of hackle are used for smaller flies and 7 or 8 turns for larger sizes. Be sure to keep a long post as it’s the only thing viewed.