McKenzie Caddis Dry Fly |




TMC 100 #8 – 12


Olive or green


Thread or mono or copper wire

Haretron dubbing (#26) – McKenzie Caddis Green 




Natural deer hair or yearling elk


  1. Start thread on hook immediately behind hook eye and advance to barb.
  2. Tie in copper wire at the barb of hook.
  3. Dub body from back to front, creating a taper. Stop 2 eye lengths back from eye.
  4. Tie in hackle where body stopped and wrap back to barb using 5 – 6 evenly spaced wraps.
  5. Hold hackle and using wire, wrap forward in 5 – 6 evenly spaced wraps and tie off at end of body. Wiggle wire while wrapping forward to prevent catching hackle barbs. Trim wire and hackle.
  6. Prepare deer or elk hair, stack and measure proper amount for wing. Tie in hair where body stopped. Using pinch wrap, take 2 soft wraps, then pull straight down to tighten thread around hair and hook. Continue to wrap another 5 tight wraps. Pull hair ends upright and wrap thread through ends (2 or 3 times) to strengthen and keep hair in place. DO NOT CUT HAIR ENDS
  7. Form head and using hair ends, pull upright and whip finish behind hook eye. Trim thread.
  8. Trim hair ends at same angle as hook eye, leaving some hair to look like insect head.


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