Here is the fly pattern for the LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa.

LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa |




Daiichi 1180, TMC 100 or Dai Riki 300, #12 – 20


8/0 Uni thread to match body color


Antron dubbing or sparkle yarn


Antron dubbing – olive, amber, tan or black


Brown marabou or brown dubbing


  1. Begin thread on hook and coat shank with thread base.
  2. Tie on a hank of yarn on each side of hook.
  3. Dub body to thorax.
  4. Pull yarn forward and spread it around body. Secure with 2 loose wraps. Do not trim. 
  5. Use bodkin to pull yarn out around hook, creating a “bubble” effect.
  6. Use additional thread wraps to secure Antron yarn.
  7. Dub thick head and whip finish. 

Gary LaFontaine developed the name “sparkle yarn”, but he found it originally listed as antron knitting yarn, dazle air, sparkle air. 

He split the 4-ply knitting yarn and used one of the hanks for his fly. To tie the fly, comb out yarn so fibers aren’t matted together. Tie 1 ply of yarn on top of hook and a second ply of yarn at around the 1/3 mark on top or to the side of hook. Wind thread backwards while holding yarn tightly downward. Thread wraps will secure yarn at bottom of hook.

Another method of dubbing the body is to apply tacky wax to the thread and use a “touch dubbing” technique to adhere dubbing to thread. 

[Touch dubbing is 1/2 sparkle yarn and 1/2 some type of fur (mink)]

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