Here is the fly pattern sheet for the CDC & Elk.

CDC & Elk |
Caddis |




Dai Riki 305, size #16 – 12


Brown, tan






  1. Attach thread and position at hook barb.
  2. Select single CDC feather about 2x length of shank.
  3. Grab CDC and stroke fibers towards tip. Some of the longer fibers will slip out.
  4. Attach CDC with two wraps, then pull tip up and place one wrap tight against previous wraps. This will lock slick feather in place. Continue wrapping over CDC and position thread at hook eye.
  5. Create body by winding CDC forward. No need to twist CDC feather.
  6. At approximately ½ way point, the loose barbs will begin to go around hook. Pull barbs backwards with each successive wrap.
  7. Select and stack elk hair.
  8. Position elk hair so length is just beyond hook bend.
  9. Place two loose thread wraps over elk and pull straight down flaring elk. Continue to place 5 more wraps to secure hair.
  10. Sweep butts up away from eye. Pull 1/3 up and place thread wrap to secure hair. Pull another 1/3 up and place thread wrap. Pull final 1/3 up and place final thread wrap.
  11. Whip finish.

 Note: This is a simple pattern. Match thread and CDC colors for your favorite caddis pattern.

If you’d like more information on CDC, check out my blog – Use Fly Patterns with CDC Feathers

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