Here is the fly pattern sheet for Mercers Missing Link.

Mercers Missing Link |
Mercers Missing Link Materials |

Material List


Daiichi 1180, TMC 100 #12 – 18


Daiichi 1180, TMC 100 #12 – 18


Daiichi 1180, TMC 100 #12 – 18


Danville 70 denier olive or brown


Pearl Krystal Flash


Working thread


Ice Dub, black peacock

Spent wings:

Zelon, light dun




Elk Hair


  1. Attach thread and position at 1/3 mark.
  2. Tie in Krystal Flash and wind thread ½ way around hook bend and back to 1/3 mark.
  3. Wind Krystal Flash forward using open spirals. Coat with UV Resin or Hard as Hull.
  4. Dub thorax in a small ball. This will be used to help split the Zelon wings.
  5. Tie in 1/2 Zelon hank directly in front of thorax and on each side of hook. This forces Zelon to splay out in wing form. Trim Zelon wing even with bend of hook to create spent wings.
  6. Select and clean elk hair. Hair should extend to hook bend. Take a few turns to create space between tie-in point and butts. This will prevent hair from collapsing when wrapping hackle. Trim butt ends just longer than eye of hook. 
  7. Tie in hackle in gap created in elk hair.
  8. Wind thread around elk hair in an attempt to “partially” post elk hair.
  9. Wind hackle around elk hair using parachute style.
  10. Tie off hackle.
  11. Whip finish.

Here is a link to the Youtube video of Mike Mercer tying his Missing Link.

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