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It’s the holiday season, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

My wife suggested we take this net to the river the other day hoping we’d catch some rainbows to use on our Christmas card. Well, the first day the pressure was too much I guess as I lost three nice trout. We went back a few days later and both of us landed a beautiful fish…with this colorful rainbow taking the winning spot on our card…her fish!

I wanted to highlight some recent changes to my website – the most notable is a page for Crooked River fly patterns…very popular among our Central Oregon Flyfishers fly fishing club.

Bill Seitz, who I call “Crooked River Bill” is a creative fly tyer who catches hundreds of fish with these flies. Yes, I said hundreds and it’s no exaggeration. He graciously allowed me to include his fly patterns on my website. These are the fly patterns he so unselfishly shared in our monthly club newsletters for several years. I’m beginning to tie all his flies and will be posting the fly pattern sheets in the near future.  Here is a sample of the ones I’ve tied so far.

Crooked River page with fly pattern sheets:

And here is Bill’s OB2Wanchironomie – a midge pupa for lakes.

OB2Wanchironomie - Black & Chrome |

Bill has taken some great patterns and improved them for his use. Some of them are just variants of the original. He is a firm believer in creating flies to catch many fish (remember it’s nothing for him to catch 40 – 80 fish a day on the Crooked River). And his flies need to be durable enough to handle that many fish without taking the time to tie on another fly (he loves to catch fish). So he’s substituted man-made materials where he can to create stronger flies. Make sure you check them out!

In addition, here are the other fly patterns sheets I’ve added recently in case you haven’t noticed them:

So have a great holiday!


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  1. Great idea to have Bill’s flies for the Crooked River with your added details on your web site. It will prove to be very useful when the IFFF Fair attendees come to our town (Bend/Sisters) for the 50th Anniversary International Fly Fishing Fair August 11-15th 2015.
    Very Cool,

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