Here is a list of local Crooked River flies fished by fellow Central Oregon Flyfisher member Bill Seitz. I call him “Crooked River Bill”.

Bill graciously allowed me to include these flies on my website. Several are Bill’s own creation. Others he may have tweaked somewhat to make a better fly. In fly tying, we call that a “variant”. Or perhaps he fishing other flies now…that sounds like Bill!

He would tell you that many anglers use flies that are too big. I’ve heard him tell stories about following anglers through a fishing hole and catching fish. He’ll look at an angler’s fly box and say they won’t catch any fish. The reason? Their flies are too big! He’d tell you to use size 18 flies or smaller. Many range from size 18 – 22.




General Purpose


Hot Pink Cougar



Ham ‘n’ Eggs


  1. I’d be interested in knowing how much a Crooked River box like the one you show in the picture would cost. I have fished the Crooked with success, but have always wondered what it would fish like if I used some flies more specifically tied for the river. Thanks in advance for any information you can give.

      1. Hi John,
        I’d also be interested in a crooked river fly box? I’ve done okay, but would love to try flies specifically designed for C R.
        Looking forward to your reply.

  2. Just found this. Thank you, and Bill, for your generosity in sharing all these great idea.

    I would like to know how Bill sets up his bounce rig. Specifically, what knots he uses for his droppers, distances between droppers, and, whether he uses an indicator or a sighter.

    Again, many thanks.


  3. Thanks John for the flies you have recommended I am going to try and see if i can make some or replicate them to use on the crooked river cleanup trip coming up in April that the COF is doing.

  4. Hi John,

    I just stumbled on to your website and love it! Fantastic job!

    I’ve only fished the Crooked once, but typically hit the Deschutes and Metolious a few times every summer. Targeting rainbows/redsides, would you suggest using the same C.R. flies on the D or M rivers? I know the M has a green drakes. Any different list recommendations for these other local rivers?

    Many thanks!

    1. Ken

      Thanks for the kind comments about RiverKeeper Flies.

      When thinking about what flies to use, I always let the insects drive that decision. Certainly there are a few similar insects that are in all those rivers. But the Deschutes and Metolius have a lot of other bugs too. Like Salmonflies, Golden Stones, Green Drakes and a multitude of other bugs. Check out my Fly Patterns page for a list of flies to use. I fish them all!


  5. As a big time Crooked river addict I am interested in the patterns that you listed…can you tell me when and/or if they will all be put into one blog or will they be in separate ones.

    1. Marc

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ll be adding the fly patterns in the next month and including them on the Crooked River page one at a time. While I don’t have a definitive plan, I’ll probably mention them on a blog after all are completed.

      Thanks for your interest.


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