Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Peacock Nymph.

Peacock Nymph |
Peacock Nymph Materials |




Dai Riki 060, #16 – 18


2mm gold for 16, 1.5 mm gold for 18 (XS gold glass bead for smaller flies)


8/0 Gray


Mallard flank, natural Wood Duck, or Bonefish Tan Krystal Flash


Small gold wire


Ice Dub – black peacock or natural peacock herl

Wing case:

Medium Mirage Opal or black Holographic tinsel


Gray Hare’s Ear dubbing or pine squirrel


  1. Debarb hook and place bead on hook, if one used.
  2. Start thread and wind to hook bend. Attach 7-9 feather fibers for tail.
  3. Attach wire rib.
  4. Dub abdomen with Ice Dub (about ½ of hook shank in length)
  5. Wrap rib forward (no need to counter wrap).
  6. Attach the wing case
  7. Dub the thorax with gray fur.
  8. Pull wing case over thorax and secure with thread wraps.
  9. Whip finish and put head cement on knot.

Another Bill Seitz variation…he would substitute Bonefish Tan Krystal Flash for the mallard flank and peacock Ice Dub instead of peacock herl. Obviously, if you are into the natural style of fly tying…mallard flank for a tail, a peacock herl body, and a thorax of pine squirrel. But Bill would settle for all natural materials for a bullet-proof fly. You decide…

Bill told me the Peacock Nymph is one of Rick Haefle’s 12 favorite flies.

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