Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Pheasant Tail – Seitz Variant. This is a fly Bill uses successfully on the Crooked River, OR.

Pheasant Tail - Seitz Variant |



Standard # 16 – 18 nymph hook


Gold – 2.3 mm for #16; 2.0 for #18


Dark brown 8/0 Ultra


Black Krystal Flash


Small gold wire


Superfine dubbing Mahogany brown


Peacock black Krystal Flash


Fluorescent orange 8/0 Ultra thread


  1. Debarb hook and slide on bead.
  2. Attach thread behind eye and tie in 2 pieces of Krystal Flash, leaving about a 1″ tag. Fold tag over to create 4 pieces and wrap thread to hook barb with touching wraps. By holding material at a 45 degree angle, it will keep material on top of hook. Trim tail equal to body length.
  3. Attach 3″ piece of wire rib on side of body away from tyer.
  4. Create a slim, tapered body with dubbing, ending at 2/3 mark.
  5. Bring rib material forward with 3 – 4 turns.
  6. Create thorax with Ice Dub.
  7. Whip finish using 2 or 3 turn tie off.
  8. Attach fluorescent orange thread and create collar. Whip finish and trim thread.


  • Omit fluorescent orange thread and use black bead.
  • Use Glo-Brite floss for tail with 4 strands for short tag.
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