Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Frenchie Nymph.

Frenchie Nymph |
Frenchie Nymph Materials |


Hook:Dai Riki 060 # 18 – 14
Bead:2 mm gold bead
Thread:Fluorescent orange
Tail:Pheaseant tail, brown flurofiber or peacock or black krystal flash
Rib:Small silver wire
Body:Black UV Ice Dub
Thorax:Fluorescent shell pink Ice Dub


  1. Pinch barb and place bead on hook.
  2. Start thread and advance to barb.
  3. Tie on tail material.
  4. Tie in a short piece of rib wire.
  5. Dub body about 2/3rds of shank with black UV Ice Dub.
  6. Dub a thorax pink Ice Dub.
  7. Make a thread collar and whip finish.

“These 2 patterns were the ones used by 2 members (one the winner of the recent US Fly Fishing Team competition) of the US Fly Fishing Team.  The philosophy of the USA team is to use flies that are suggestive rather than imitative.  They basically use forms of the hare’s ear and the pheasant tail nymphs in their competitions.  Most of their flies have hot spots.  These two patterns with modifications in the proper size will allow you to catch fish in all trout waters.” Bill Seitz  

Lance Egan’s original fly pattern:

Hook:Hanak 400 # 16 – 12
Bead:2.8 mm gold bead tungsten
Weight:.010 lead wire
Thread:UTC 70 denier red
Tail:Coc de leon
Rib:Small copper wire
Body:Muskrat gray pheasant tail fibers
Thorax:UV shrimp pink Ice Dub

Here is a link to Lance tying the fly:

Here is a Frenchie tied on a jig hook.

Frenchie - Jig Hook |

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