Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Pheasant Tail Nymph.

Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph |
Pheasant Tail Nymph Materials |



Daiichi 1560 or TMC 3769, #8 – 18


8/0 black or rusty brown


Gold to match hook size


5 – 8 wraps


3 – 5 Pheasant tail fibers


Copper wire


Remaining Pheasant tail fibers from tail


Peacock herl fibers

Wing Case:

6 Pheasant tail fibers


Remaining Pheasant fibers from wing case


  1. Place hook in vise and slide bead on hook.
  2. Place 5 – 8 wraps of lead on hook and slide forward and snug to bead.
  3. Begin thread on hook, covering lead and end at barb.
  4. Tie in 3 – 5 Pheasant tail fibers about ½ body length. DO NOT CUT.
  5. Tie in copper wire at barb.
  6. Create slight taper with thread.
  7. Wrap Pheasant tail forward to 1/3 mark. This is the butt-end from tail fibers. Trim ends.
  8. Counter wrap copper wire forward using about 5 wraps.
  9. Select 6 Pheasant tail fibers. These fibers will become the wing case as well as legs. Proper proportions – lay fibers over hook shank with tips extending towards tail. Fiber measurement should be equal to one hook shank. Reposition fibers to thorax tie in point with tips of Pheasant extending beyond tail. When folded forward over thorax in step 11, this measurement will ensure proper leg length.
  10. Tie in Peacock herl by tips and wind forward.
  11. Pull Pheasant tail fibers forward over thorax and tie down. Split fibers so 3 extend on each side and pull back to create legs. Place a few thread wraps to secure fibers are pointing backwards.
  12. Whip finish.


Here is a chart with recommended weight and wire for different hook sizes

Hook SizeLeadUltra Wire
8 – 12.020Medium
14 – 16.015Brassie

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