I’m in a period of transition from fishing a lot to the fly tying vise. It’s a few days earlier than most years. I say someone throws the weather switch on November 1 and dry fly fishing changes dramatically. This year, the weather changed in two days and daytime highs of mid-70’s have been replaced with highs in the 50’s and next week are forecast to be in the 40’s. I decided to go back to see which dry flies were successful for me during our summer fly fishing adventures. Below you’ll find my top twelve dry flies.

Galloup's Compara Spinner in Fly Box | www.johnkreft.com

I think I’m old school because I fish the same, reliable flies year after year. There’s a reason for that…they just work.

Sparkle Duns are the first dry fly I tie on my leader. I tie and fish them in multiple sizes and colors.

Here are a few other Mayfly patterns that worked too.

Now for three effective Caddis patterns.

And three others.

I could easily add a few other flies, but these worked so well I’ll just stop at a dozen.

The fish seemed to like them as well!

If you are a fly tyer, I encourage you to check out my YouTube channel.

I plan to add more fly tying videos in the near future, so you might consider subscribing to my channel where you’ll be notified when a new video is published.

What flies would you like to see me tie in an upcoming YouTube video?

Enjoy…go fish!

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