Here is the fly pattern sheet for Kelly Galloup’s Compara Spinner.

I took this photo of a fly Kelly pulled out of the fly bin.

Galloup's Compara Spinner |

Here is a variation utilizing deer hair for the wings. Kelly tied this deer hair version for me when I stayed at the Slide Inn while fishing the Madison River. It’s really Galloup’s Found Link, his version of Mike Mercer’s Missing Link. He states this version can be used to imitate a mayfly spinner fly pattern as well as a spent caddis.

He is a believer in using deer hair to help float the fly.

Galloup's Compara Spinner |

And the bottom view.

Galloup's Compara Spinner Bottom View |



Daiichi 1110, TMC 101 #12 – 24


Danville 6/0 or 8/0 Uni-Thread on smaller sizes


Microfibbets – dun


Superfine dubbing or thread on #18 and smaller (Optional – I’ve begun using biots)

Front Wing:

EP Fibers, White or light dun, tied compara dun style

Second Wing:

EP Fibers, same color as front wing, but tied behind front wing and placed across the hook, spent style


Superfine dubbing, color to match natural’s thorax

Tying directions can be found with this link to a Youtube video with Kelly Galloup tying the Compara Spinner.

Lastly, I’ve tied up a few to imitate a Rusty Spinner – with a dubbed body as well as a biot body.

Galloup's Compara Spinner - Front View |
Galloup's Compara Spinner - Biot Body Bottom View |

I really like the way this fly can be seen on the water. It’s my new favorite variation of Kelly’s original fly.

Galloup's Compara Spinner on the Water |
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