Here is the fly pattern sheet for Kelly Galloup’s Found Link.

Galloup's Found Link |

This is an original fly tied by Kelly, using deer hair for the wing and includes a body of deer hair with the tips extending barely past the hook bend to help with flotation. 

And here is a picture of the fish’s view.

Galloup's Found Link - Bottom View |



Daiichi 1180, TMC 100 or 101 #12 – 20


Danville 6/0 or 8/0 Uni thread on smaller sizes


Coq de leon


Deer hair

Under Wing:

Zelon – white or light dun


Superfine dubbing, color to match natural’s thorax


Deer hair


  1. Begin thread on hook where the body will end, 1/4 – 1/3 back from hook eye.
  2. Select several CDL fibers for the tail. Measurement should be at least as long as the hook shank or a little longer.
  3. Cover shank of hook with thread while covering butt ends of CDL.
  4. Select deer hair, clean and measure so it extends slightly past bend of hook (see photo for example). Trim butts and tie in with a couple of thread wraps (see video at 12:40). Continue wrapping back to tail tie-in point with even wraps, but not tight to allow deer hair to create body around hook. Bring thread forward to where body begins with open wraps.
  5. Tie in Zelon directly on top it deer hair tie-in point, using figure-8 wraps. Flare out the Zelon with shorter fibers close to body
  6. Dub thorax in front and behind Zelon wing up to hook eye. Thorax should be larger than body.
  7. Trim Zelon with a 30 degree angle, shorter towards tail.
  8. Thread should be directly in front of Zelon wing.
  9. Select deer hair, clean and measure length of body. Trim butts and tie in on top of thorax, directly in front of Zelon wing. Use 2 – 3 thread wraps to secure. (see video at 19:40).
  10. Whip finish.

Galloup’s Found Link is Kelly’s version of the famous Missing Link created by Mike Mercer.

Watch Kelly tie this fly. You can find it on his Youtube channel – TheSlideInn.