Here is the fly pattern sheet for Arrick’s Parachute Ant.

Arrick's Parachute Ant |
Hook:Daiichi 1190, TMC 100 or 101 #12 – 16
Thread:8/0 Uni-Thread – brown
Body:Superfine or any other dry fly dubbing – cinnamon
Post:White poly


  1. Start thread on hook and apply dubbing to back 1/3 of hook, creating a large ball.
  2. Wind the middle segment using the tying thread
  3. Tie on post.
  4. Tie in hackle and use thread to post.
  5. Dub forward segment.
  6. Use 6 – 8 wraps of hackle from top downward and tie off.
  7. Trim hackle and whip finish.

Arrick’s Parachute Ant is from Arrick’s Fly Shop in West Yellowstone, Mt.

Here is a link to their Youtube video