Here is the fly pattern sheet for the IOBO Humpy (IOBO stands for It Oughta Be Outlawed).

IOBO Humpy |
Natural Dun
IOBO Humpy Natural Brown |
Natural Brown



Daiichi 1182, TMC 100 #12 – 26


8/0 to match body color

Body, Shellback & Wing:



  1. Begin thread on hook behind eye and cover shank with thread, ending at barb.
  2. Select two CDC feathers, matching tips and curve.
  3. With tips extending past bend of hook and curving downward, place a couple of thread wraps to secure CDC feathers. The feathers should extend 1 1/2 times hook shank. Add a couple more thread wraps to tighten and fold feathers forward to measure. Adjustments can be made at this point. Lift butt ends slightly and place 2 thread wraps directly in front of original tie in point. This will help secure feather. DO NOT TRIM.
  4. Take several open wraps forward over butt ends to create body and end a couple of eye lengths behind eye.
  5. With thread 2 eye lengths behind eye, fold CDC feathers forward and secure with 3 – 4 wraps. A few CDC strands may form a tail, which is fine.
  6. Pull wing up and place several thread wraps between feathers and eye to stand wing upright.
  7. Whip finish and trim thread.

Here is a link to Sunrayflyfish for a step-by-step with pictures – click HERE. It’s the technique I prefer to tie the fly.

Here’s how I tie the fly as seen on my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel:

An Internet search will identify the TMC 102y hook for this fly. However, any dry fly hook will work.