Renegade |


Today’s Throw Back Thursday fly is the Renegade, an attractor fly developed in 1928 by Taylor “Beartracks” Williams. It’s said the original fly had all white hackle and was changed to brown/white when “Beartracks” moved to…

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Recent Changes

It’s the holiday season, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! My wife suggested we take this net to the river the other day hoping we’d catch some rainbows…

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Stimulator |


It’s Thursday again and this week’s TBT fly is the Stimulator. I first learned of this fly from Randall Kaufmann’s book Tying Dry Flies. Tied many flies from that book. This is an older fly…

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Blue Ribbon Flies |

Craig Mathews and Blue Ribbon Flies

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I talk about Craig Mathews and Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, Montana. Craig and the rest of the guys in the shop are…

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Carrie Stevens Green Drake Streamer |

Carrie Stevens Green Drake Streamer

Today’s Throw Back Thursday fly is the Carrie Stevens Green Drake streamer. I tied this fly for last year’s Expo Poster Plate, but they used my Pink Beauty instead. Carrie Stevens created her own versions…

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Blue Wing Olive Mayfly

As I sit down at my fly tying vise today, I decided to tie a few flies imitating a Blue Wing Olive mayfly. It’s timely because these bugs are still popping out of their nymphal…

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Lady Caroline |

Lady Caroline

I thought it appropriate to offer the Lady Caroline as this week’s TBT fly. Yes, I just blogged about tying it in the last week in Tying Spey Flies – I’m Scared, but it’s perhaps…

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Lady Caroline |

Tying Spey Flies – I’m Scared!

Yes, I’ve been tying spey flies and I’m scared! If you read my post Seasons Change, you’ll see that my fly tying year just ended on October 31. While I’ve tied a few trout flies…

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Hares Ear Nymph |

Hares Ear Nymph

This week’s TBT fly is the Hares Ear Nymph. It’s an old pattern and usually one of the first flies taught to beginner fly tyers. For some reason, many fly fishers start fishing this fly and…

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Cate's Turkey |

Cates Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Since it is Thanksgiving, my wife thought is appropriate this week’s TBT would be the Cates Turkey. I tied one years ago on Thanksgiving. It was developed by Jerry Cate in the…

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