Metolius Rainbow|

Metolius River Stewardship Project

I love the Metolius River. I’ve been fishing the river for over 40 years and it’s the reason I live in Sisters. And two of the reasons I love this river are the quality of…

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Pale Morning Dun - PMD|

Pale Morning Duns – PMDs

Pale Morning Duns, otherwise known as PMDs, are an important hatch for fly fishers. These flies are a size 16 -18. The hatch begins in late May and will continue through September. Generally, they will…

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Golden Stone Adult |

Golden Stoneflies

Golden Stoneflies were out in force along the Lower Deschutes River when I floated from Warm Springs to Trout Creek last week. Goldens are a very important part of a trout’s diet. A couple species…

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Chubby Chernobyl Golden Stone Bottom |

Chubby Chernobyl Fly Patterns

Chubby Chernobyl flies are a newer iteration of the old Chernobyl Ant pattern used by many fishermen several years ago. This odd looking fly is a go to fly when the Salmonflies and Golden Stones…

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Deluxe Fly Wallet - Vintage|

Antique Fly Wallets Revisited

As promised, here is another look at one of the antique fly wallets in my collection. This leather Deluxe brand fly wallet is well used. Check out the “notebook” style to allow different types of…

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Salmonfly female|


Yup – it’s time for Salmonflies to hatch. We all wait for this time of year when these BIG bugs become active and the fish go crazy. As in reckless with voracious appetites. Trout have already…

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Fly wallet|

Antique Fly Wallets

Old leather, sheepskin, metal. Those are the materials for what was a very common sight years ago – fly wallets! We didn’t have the plastic containers so many of us use today. Many of our fly…

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Sparkle Dun PMD |

Sparkle Dun Mayfly

This is a size 16 Pale Morning Dun Sparkle Dun Mayfly or PMD for short. One of my favorite flies. It’s in the top 5 of many fishermen in the know. The Sparkle Dun is…

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Fly tying – on the road

Sometimes, I’m a “just-in-time” fly tyer. This video was shot on a Montana road trip. We’re headed east from Spokane towards the Big Hole river and I was trying to tie up some Spruce Moth…

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