As I write this week’s post, I look out the window at a few inches of snow covering the ground. It’s winter. And I’ve always said winter is fly tying season.

Blowing Snow |

I’ve been working on a couple of orders for Custom Flies. In fact, I finished this order last night.

Customer Order |

He doesn’t plan to use them until at least spring, but he’s planning ahead.

So am I. The patterns I’m tying for my customers are the flies I use. I tie a few extra for my fly box while I have the materials out.

This is the season to tie flies…and teach others about fly tying. And it’s busy this week.

Tonight (I’m writing this on Tuesday) I teach the first fly tying class for my local fly fishing club – Central Oregon Flyfishers. These intermediate fly tying classes will continue every Tuesday night in January, February, and March. I find other great fly tyers to teach a couple of flies each night, purchase all the materials, and charge $5 per night to cover all costs. These classes are very popular for our club members. Last year, I averaged 26 students every night for 13 weeks. I must be doing something right!

Here are the flies I’ll teach tonight…

Micro Madison Midge

Micro Madison Midge - Pearl |

Lightning Bug

Lightning Bug |

Higas SOS

Higa's SOS with UV Resin |
Higa’s SOS

I’ve added the last two flies to RiverKeeper Flies recently.

I head to Boise, Idaho this weekend to tie at the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo. This is my 4th year and I look forward to this Expo every year. I know I have a few RiverKeeper Flies subscribers and regular readers in the Boise area. I hope you stop by and say “hello”.

And speaking of Expo, I continue to work on the 2016 NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo as Chair and Treasurer. Yes, that keeps me busy! The Expo is a terrific chance for you to see many terrific fly tyers and expert fly casters. Be sure to mark your calendar for March 11 & 12, 2016. In fact, the Tyer schedule was recently posted. For more information, check out the website at

I’ll be teaching a couple of flies at my local fly shop – the Fly Fisher’s Place – on February 3. So if you will be in the area then, give the fly shop a call to sign up.

I’ll leave you with one more picture. It’s last week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly, the Hemingway Caddis. It was my most popular TBT fly to date and brought back some good memories for many fly fishers.

Hemingway Caddis - Olive |

I hope winter is fly tying season for you as well. Check out the new Fly Patterns listed above. They are easy to tie and perhaps a way to ease you back into fly tying.

Well, back to the vise…

Enjoy…go fish!

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