Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Micro Madison Midge.

Micro Madison Midge - Pearl |

Other options

Micro Madison Midge Options |

Red wingcase

Micro Madison Midge - Red |

Black wingcase

Micro Madison Midge - Black |




Dai Riki 070, 075 or TMC 3769, #18 – 20


8/0 black


1.5 mm silver


Brown Hungarian Partridge


Fine silver wire


Working thread


Mirage tinsel – small, pearl, black, red, copper


Black midge Zelon dubbing


  1. Smash hook barb and slide bead onto hook.
  2. Attach thread and cover hook shank ending at barb.
  3. Select about 5 fibers for tail and tie in at barb.
  4. Tie in rib material at barb as well.
  5. Wind thread forward to thorax area using smooth wraps, keeping body slim.
  6. Wind rib forward to thorax using 4 – 6 wraps and tie off. Trim wire.
  7. Tie in wingcase behind bead and take several wraps towards tail.
  8. Apply dubbing and create thick thorax.
  9. Pull wingcase over thorax and tie off.
  10. Whip finish.
  11. Pick out a few thorax fibers to create legs.

Variations: Tie different versions by changing the wingcase and use pearl, black, red, copper, mirage colors.

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