This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Roy Palm’s Frying Pan Biot Green Drake Parachute.

Roy Palm's Frying Pan Biot Green Drake Parachute |

Roy Palm of Frying Pan Anglers in Colorado created this fly. Unfortunately, Roy passed away in November 2019.

If you’ve been around RiverKeeper Flies for a while, you know how I like Green Drakes! I think I’ll give this fly a try in the near future.

I used dyed dun elk for the tail and post; a turkey biot body; and grizzly dyed olive and barred dun hackle for the parachute.

I think it’s close to the original fly pattern, although it doesn’t appear dubbing was used in the thorax, which I added.

I found this fly in A.K. Fly Box (1996) book, by author A.K. Best.

I think I’ll fish it later this week to see how it works.

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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  1. Try tying the fly Wulff style with some stiff hackle. Skate that drake and hold on for the explosive take.

  2. I find that any fly with a hair tail is floating winner. This fly is very nicely done! My shop (small small small) created a red deer tail bi-visible like fly that skitters and floats well and we have seen pretty good success with it.

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