Many times, I look for themes in the images I show in my posts. But I take a lot of pics and they don’t all fit in a weekly post. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite images from the river in the last month. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Metolius Rainbow Closeup |

You might agree with me that some of these Rainbow Trout are the most beautiful trout in the world! It’s one of the reasons I live in Sisters, OR. Occasionally, I’m blessed to capture what I consider a remarkable image.

Rainbow Trout Going Home |

We catch our fair share, but recently I’ve seen red stripes in the water as a fish rises and either misses my fly or I pull it out of their mouth! It keeps me going back.

Submerged Metolius Redside |

I’m still reticent to slip my camera underwater to take a quick pic before the release. I shouldn’t be afraid because I carry a WATERPROOF camera. I have a vivid memory placing my dad’s 35 mm Konica DSLR on a rock while I started to wade across a river in Alaska fighting a Sockeye Salmon in the 1980s. Moments later, I turned to see it splash in the water! You don’t forget some things. Oh, I landed the fish!

Rainbow Underwater |

Both ends of a trout are beautiful.

Rainbow Tail |

Not all the pictures I take are of fish.

In fact, I search the foliage along the river for insects to help me select the right flies. The number of non-fish images I take are directly related to how the fishing is. No rising trout equals more snaps!

Here are a few I’ve seen recently.

Stonefly Closeup |
Mayfly Closeup |
Mayfly |
Metolius Butterfly |

We’ve been seeing a river otter family frequently swimming through our fishing holes.

River Otter Swimming on Metolius |

The next image is a little grainy because it is heavily cropped. They don’t hold still very long for me to make an adjustment or two!

River Otter on Metolius |

All these images were taken with my Olympus TG-6 camera. In addition, I use the Olympus FD-1 Waterproof Flash Diffuser.

If you are considering a camera, click the Amazon links. It will help support my blog.

For other information about the equipment I use, click here – Camera Equipment for Fly Fishing and Fly Tying.

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Those fish are striking! Around my area, Western New York, River otters always seem to spell doom on the fish population whenever they are present. Very cool that you can have your otters and fish too.

    1. cliff, how you buddy,, jerry criss here,, hope you are well and getting some fishing in.. missing your smile and your humor.. jc

      1. Thanks for the Comment Al.

        Yes, the flash does work underwater. In fact, it has a couple of different strengths. I’m sure it won’t travel too far though. The diffuser could be removed and only use the full strength camera flash too.


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