This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the McCloud Ugly steelhead fly.

McCloud Ugly |

I’ve heard there might be a steelhead fishing season this year on the Deschutes River and thought I’d highlight an older steelhead fly pattern.

The McCloud Ugly was developed by George McCloud of Seattle, WA in the late 1940’s. George also was the originator of a couple famous steelhead flies you might know, the Skykomish Sunrise and Purple Peril. The black-bodied fly was popular on the Stillaguamish River, WA.

The fly pattern is from Shewey’s Classic Steelhead Flies, page 118.



Steelhead hook


Fluff from the base of a red hackle


Black chenille


Grizzley, palmered


Black bucktail

Tied on a size 6 Mustad 36980.

Enjoy…go fish!

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