Here is the fly pattern sheet for Higa’s SOS.

Higa's SOS |

And with UV Resin coating wingcase.

Higa's SOS with UV Resin |


Daiichi 1130, TMC 2487 #18


Black 70 denier or 16/0 Veevus


Silver 2.0 mm tungsten


Pheasant tail dyed black


Silver wire – small


Working thread


Red floss or UTC Holo Tinsel – medium


Rabbit, possum or Ice Dub – Black


Krystal Flash – black


  1. Place bead on hook.
  2. Start thread behind bead.
  3. Tie in tail, using 3 to 5 pheasant tail fibers which should be hook gape in length.
  4. Tie on wire rib behind bead and spiral thread back around bend of hook.
  5. Create slim tapered body with working thread, ending at hook point.
  6. Wrap wire rib forward with 4 or 5 evenly spaced wraps and tie off.
  7. Tie in wingcase on top of hook, starting at bead and extending backwards over hook. Wind thread back to 50% point
  8. Attach dubbing to thread and begin wrapping next to bead. Create thick thorax and end with thread next to bead.
  9. Tie in 2 strands of Krystal Flash on top, next to bead with 2 thread wraps. Use a couple a diagonal thread wraps to secure. Pull backwards and use additional thread wraps forcing flash back to create legs.
  10. Pull wingcase forward on top of hook and keep on top of hook and tie down with 3 – 4 thread wraps. Pull wingcase material backwards and add a couple more thread wraps to secure. Ensure 2 legs stay on each side. Trim.
  11. Trim legs to length.
  12. Whip finish and trim thread. 

Optional: Apply UV resin to wingcase.

I’ve included a link to my YouTube video where I demonstrate how to tie the fly.

Note: A Spencer Higa fly pattern. SOS stands for Save Our Skin…which may explain the fly’s popularity.