Denny's Stillwater Nymph |

Lake Flies

One inch long and green. What? Yup, if there’s any question about what lake flies to use, a friend of mine always says “Try something one inch long and green.” Dennys Stillwater Nymph I like…

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RK Callibaetis Emerger |

Use Fly Patterns with CDC Feathers

Do you use fly patterns with CDC feathers in them? Hopefully, your fly box has a few of ’em. CDC is a marvelous material. It’s like magic.  What is CDC? It stands for cul de canard….

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Damsel Fly |

Damsel Flies

Have you ever fished with adult damsel flies? Talk about exciting! These bugs are quick, so when a fish takes your fly, it’s more like a toilet bowl flushing…a big ring from the fish taking…

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Recent Changes

Well, here it is again. I keep making changes to my webpage and thought I’d highlight a few recent changes you might have missed. Seems like whenever I write a new blog, I need to…

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Provider Box |

Callibaetis Mayflies

Callibaetis mayflies are a staple of lake fishing. I fished East Lake last weekend with Central Oregon Project Healing Waters. It was my first time this year on a lake and I’d heard the Callibaetis mayflies…

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Rainbow with Beetle Bailey|

Fly Fishing with Beetles

Are you fly fishing with beetle patterns? You should. Why do fish eat beetles? Who cares. All I know is my wife and I have caught some of our biggest trout recently with Beetle Bailey. We…

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Rainbow trout|

Recent Changes

If you haven’t checked lately, I’ve added a few fly patterns. Not a tyer? That’s OK. Check out a pattern sheet or two. Not only will you find pictures of the fly pattern, I’m trying…

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Improved Clinch Knot|

Fly Fishing Knots

Which fly fishing knots do you use? It’s important to tie good strong knots. Think of all the time casting, casting, casting only to lose a fish because your knot slips or breaks. Why would…

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Project Healing Waters Hat|

Project Healing Waters

Central Oregon Project Healing Waters had an outing at Lake in the Dunes last week. What a wonderful event and turnout. Had just shy of 20 Vets out fly fishing. Oh the joy on their faces….

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