This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is called The Baker. It’s another Atlantic Salmon fly I pulled out of an older box, the same box as The Kate and Rosy Dawn.

The Baker |

The Baker is one of the oldest classic Atlantic Salmon fly patterns. As I’m learning with my brief history research on these flies, several well-known tyers had slightly different variations. These include Francis Francis and Kelson to name a couple. And the fly in the picture is a slightly different variation from the fly dressings I found.

I read the fly was credited to a Mr.Jewhurst of Tunbridge, Kent, England at the beginning of the 19th century.

Here is the dressing per Geo. M. Kelson from his book The Salmon Fly, page 109:

Tag:Gold twist and light blue silk.
Tail:A topping and Gallina.
ButtBlack herl.
Body:Yellow silk, light orange, blue and dark claret Seal’s fur, equally divided.
Ribs:Gold tinsel.
Hackle:Dark claret from second turn.
Throat:Gallina and light blue hackle.
Wings:Two tippets (back to back) veiled with Golden Pheasant tail, light Bustard, Grey Mallard, Peacock wing, Swan dyed light blue, yellow, and dark claret; and Mallard above.
Horns:Blue Macaw.

Kelson’s note after the dressing states “One of the oldest standards, and a favourite on most rivers.”

Enjoy…go fish!

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