This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Arthur Hoyt.

Arthur Hoyt |

Here is another wet fly from Ray Bergman’s book entitled Trout. It’s one of several flies to make the list of Throw Back Thursday Flies in recent weeks. Perhaps it’s because there are SO many flies to choose from.

The Arthur Hoyt can be found on Plate 1.

As with other flies found in Trout, I’m unable to find any history of the fly. Perhaps it was tied and fished by a fly fisherman of the same name? OK, I just made that up…

If you are interested in tying the fly, choose your favorite hook as they are not listed in the book. I used a Mustad 3906 size 10.

Here is the Fly Pattern:



Bright green floss


Yellow silk


Yellow silk


Dark brown


Dark brown


Brown turkey

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. I received a nice Comment via email I wanted to share:


    When I was a kid, I read Ray Bergman’s Trout maybe 15 times. I grew up in a Chicago near-in suburb and road my bike for miles to catch carp and bluegills – the only fish in town. It is great to see you still touting his patterns. Thank you.

    John O

    Thanks for sharing John O!

    John at RiverKeeper Flies

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