This is the time of year you’ll find me with Euro nymph rod in hand, searching for trout in the snow. There aren’t a lot of dry fly fishing opportunities in December. Sure, you might find a short Blue Wing Olive (BWO) or midge hatch, but it usually doesn’t last long. I went to the river last week looking at the snow and hoping for a fish.

Rainbow Side |

You can see by the image above, I was successful.

It was a cold day, with temperatures topping out in the high twenties. The water temperature is warmer than the air temperature!

Here is an image from a side channel. Yes, it’s cold!

Ice on the River |

I fished my Beulah 10′ 3 weight Euro nymph rod. It takes a little getting used to after dry fly fishing.

What is noticeably different are all the knots it takes before I can make one cast.

Since there was a tippet ring on my leader already, I only had to tie FOUR knots. Here is my setup below with my variation of the Pheasant Tail Perdigon nymph as the point (bottom) fly.

Two Nymph Set-up |

The top fly in the image is a Rainbow Warrior Perdigon attached to the tippet ring with a short piece of monofilament.

Here are the flies I used last week:

And fish ate both of them.

I was lucky enough to land two Rainbows and several Whitefish, including this 14 incher.

Whitefish Going Home |

Lots of moisture is in the forecast. About five inches of snow on Thursday and then close to three inches of rain. It should be a mess for a few days!

Snow on the Metolius |

If you aren’t familiar with my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel, here are links to my favorite Perdigon nymphs.

…and a link to my latest YouTube video tying a Callibaetis Spinner.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Christmas Greetings |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. That first close-up image is spectacular! Love these types of pics that show what we often do not see. I was up there yesterday, and while it was high 30’s, the ice was treacherous-both driving and walking! You certainly outdid me-but I did catch one 13″ Redband beauty! Probably my last-maybe second to last-fishing this year.

  2. I used to fish while it was snowing; in spite of ice blocks on my boots. It always went well in terms of hook-ups. Now, (older) I spend my winter times tying flies, many patterns you have displayed. Look forward to March.

  3. John as always excellent newsletter and perfect timing. Thanks for everything you give back to those of us still learning from the pros.

  4. Merry Christmas John!

    I sure look forward to these posts. They give me hope that next year will be better fishing for everyone. I keep trying new things because of you. Thanks again.

  5. Happy holidays John!
    I am trying to learn euro nymphing so today’s post could not have been more timely! Excellent!
    Thank you

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