Here is the fly pattern sheet for a Callibaetis Spinner. I like the look of a biot body.

Callibaetis Spinner |
Callibaetis Spinner Materials |



Daiichi 1110 straight eye hook or 1180, TMC 100, #12 – 18


8/0, 14/0 16/0 Tan or Rusty Spinner


Microfibbets or Coq de Leon tailing material – light color


Turkey biot – callibaetis color


EP Fibers – spinner wing color, poly yarn, or CDC feathers


Superfine dubbing – callibaetis color


  1. Create thread base.
  2. Tie in 2 tails and split. Length should be 1 to 1 ½ body length.
  3. Tie in turkey biot, curved side up. Optional – lay thin base of head cement or super glue to add strength. Wrap forward to thorax area.
  4. Tie in wing material perpendicular to hook with 8 thread wraps.
  5. Dub thorax and whip finish.
  6. Pull wing material back to measure and cut at hook end.

To learn more about the real bugs, visit my blog – Callibaetis Mayflies.

Here is a link to my RiverKeeper Flies YouTube channel where I demonstrate how to tie the fly.

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