It’s the first week of November and fishing, or more like catching, is changing. I always say it’s like someone throws a switch on November 1. Some years there is a bonus week as the mild weather continues. But usually, the first week of November is my transition week where I get back to tying flies. I always enjoy fall fly fishing on the Metolius. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite fall images from the river in the last couple of weeks. Fall is a special time to be on the river.

Metolius Rainbow |

As I write this post, the forecast for today is a high of 67. Friday’s forecast dips to 40 with morning rain and snow showers. So I need to hurry and finish this post so I can get back to the river!

Fall on the Metolius River |

Reviewing my post from last year – Fly Fishing on the Metolius River in November – I see we were able to have an additional week and a half of fishing due to mild weather.

I’ve written about this in previous years. The first time was in 2014 in my Seasons Change post.

“I’ve had some great fishing this year. November 1st marks a major milestone in trout fishing. Some rivers, streams, and lakes close. On my home river, the upper river is now closed to protect rainbows and brown trout as they begin to spawn during the winter months.”

We have seen sporadic hatches in the last week and their duration is getting shorter, just like daylight hours. Sometimes the fish are rising, other times they don’t.

Here are some of my favorite images from the last couple of weeks. Sit back and enjoy the slide show!

Metolius October Rainbow |
Metolius Rainbow Trout |
Colorful Rainbow |

Rainbow from Small Eddy |

Releasing Rainbow |
Metolius at Hatchery |

It’s no wonder we have problems deciding what fly to tie on. Look at the variety of sizes and colors in the image below. We captured them yesterday…yes, that’s a Flav on November 2!

Variety of Mayflies |

An Iris Caddis – Amber worked to imitate this one.

And an Olive Iris Caddis to imitate this Caddis pupa running across the water’s surface.

Caddis Pupa |

A Caddis fly that flew close to me while I was waiting for rising fish.

Caddis Closeup |

I lucked out capturing this Mayfly. I love the perspective.

Mayfly from Above |

Looks closely and you’ll see a Rainbow around several Kokanee waiting for them to spawn.

Rainbow with Kokanee on Metolius |

My favorite fly in a fishes mouth…PMD Improved Sparkle Dun.

Rainbow with PMD Sparkle Dun |

Beautiful Rainbow cheeks.

Trout Cheek |

I love fishing in the fall!

Fall Fishing |

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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  1. John, I recently ran across this caddis pupa pattern, it works well!!
    “Sharks Caddis Pupa”
    I caught several nice Brown’s on the Arkansas River here in Colorado on one of our annual group trips (4-5 couples travel the country together and camp for a week)

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