This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is a Fan Wing Green Drake. I chose this week’s fly in hopes the Green Drake hatch on the Metolius will start soon. I’ve seen a handful, but not enough for the fish to take notice.

Fan Wing Green Drake |

If this fly has a different well-known name, I don’t know it. And I don’t know who originated this fly. But I do know that fan wing flies aren’t very common with the fly fishers I know.

In the 1920’s, fan wing flies became popular and it was only natural to create fan wing flies from the popular flies at the time. I think that’s still done today. We fly tyers try to improve flies with the latest fad or new technique. Will they out fish the original? Perhaps.

If you know a different name for this fly, I’d appreciate knowing it.

Maybe I’ll tie this on my leader in the next few days and see if it still works.

When was the last time you used a fan wing fly?

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