This week’s Throw Back Thursday post is a Richard Wheatley Silver Seal Fly Box.

Filled Wheatley Aluminum Fly Box |

This box is filled with 55 steelhead flies donated to Southern Oregon Casting for Recovery several years ago. I don’t know who tied these flies.

When I first started fly fishing, I saw a Wheatley fly box and dreamt of the time I could buy one. I recall one with smaller clips for trout flies.

Wheatley has been making fly boxes since 1860. In fact, you can still purchase a wide variety of fly boxes with clips, spring loaded compartments, or foam in the lid.

This Wheatley #1651 fly box measures 6″ x 3.5″ x 1.125″ and has 35 clips on the left side and 20 clips on the right. The only marking on the box states “Wheatley Slimalloy Metal” on one side, while the other side is smooth.

Judging by the box, this fly box has been in someone’s drawer, unused, for several years. I have no way of knowing if it’s a newer fly box or not, just that the end of the box list the model number.

I use a 4″ black Wheatley 12-compartment fly box with a foam lid for my smaller flies.

I store my 18 – 24 flies in this box.

I’ve decided to offer the following box of steelhead flies for $250, which includes shipping and handling charges. All proceeds will go towards next year’s Southern Oregon CFR retreat. New Wheatley 1651 fly boxes can be purchased for about $60. As I wrote above, I don’t know who tied these steelhead flies.

Filled Wheatley Aluminum Fly Box |

My wife is the retreat leader for this year’s retreat at the Big K Ranch in Elkton, OR scheduled later this month. Fourteen women will attend free of charge for three days. The retreat is designed to help women in various stages of breast cancer enrich their lives through fly fishing.

I wrote about the 2019 Casting for Recovery Oregon South Retreat where I was a River Helper. You’ll also see links to other CFR retreats as well.

If you are interested, please send a note via my Contact Form.

Enjoy…go fish!

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