My life these days is centered around fish and flies. Just how I like it! I continue to tie customer flies when I’m not fishing. I was working on a fairly time-consuming post about the Metolius River being my home waters. Yes, I finally decided to share a little bit more about the river. It’s taking more hours than I care to count, so check back next week to see if I finished it. Until then, here is an image-centered post I hope you enjoy.

Metolius Rainbow Trout Reflection |

I was featured on the Destination Angler podcast hosted by Steve Haigh recently where I spoke about the Metolius. If you are interested in listening to the podcase, just click the play button below. I hope you can hear my love for the river as I explain this special place.

Here are a few images from recent trips to the river as well as a few flies you might have seen on my Facebook or Instagram. Please consider following me on one of these platforms.

I’ll just let the images speak for themselves.

Metolius Rainbow Trout Tail |
Metolius Rainbow Trout |
Metolius Rainbow Trout Ready to Net |
Metolius Rainbow in Net |

And before you rush over to the river to catch one of these beauties, there are a few good days mixed in with a lot of watching the river. It’s called spring!

I’ve been taking my Nikon Z cameras to the river lately. Here are some images during the time when fish weren’t rising.

Mayfly on Water |
Mayfly Taking Off |
Mayfly Floating on Water |
Mayfly Stuck on Surface |

And a few flies from the vise…

Hemingway Caddis Size 12 |
Hemingway Caddis
Float N Fool on Dime - Size 20 |
Float N Fool – Size 20 Sitting on a Dime

Lastly, here are some size 20 Sierra Bright Dot I featured last week. I decided to hit them with UV light and see what they looked like.

Now back to the vise…I have customers waiting for flies.

Enjoy…go fish!

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