Here are this week’s images from the water. These are all from the Metolius in the last couple of weeks.

Grasshoppers Mating on Metolius River |

The image of these mating grasshoppers was created with a technique called “focus stacking”. I took six pictures and merged them together, taking the “in focus” portions of each to create the final image.

The next image is releasing a Rainbow Trout…the water causing an abstract look.

I found a Golden Stone male mating with a Cascades Stone. You know they are cousins…and shouldn’t be doing this!

Cascades Stone and Golden Stone Mating |

Here is a Bull Trout under a log.

Bull Trout by Log on Metolius |

And the same fish sharing its spot with a nice Rainbow. Very surprised to see them so close!

Bull Trout and Rainbow Side-by-Side in Metolius |

Because this Bull Trout is trying to eat the Rainbow Trout my wife hooked!

Fighting Rainbow with Bull Trout Underneath on Metolius |

Yes, it was a good-sized fish!

Rainbow Bull Trout Didn't Eat |

Enjoy…go fish!

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