Here are this week’s images from the water. While we are catching a few fish, I still find plenty of time to look around and find subjects to capture. I hope you enjoy the images below.

Metolius Rainbow Closeup |

This Rainbow was a doing its best not to be caught and wouldn’t stop bending and twisting…it popped right out of the net!

Happy fly fisher and her fish.

We’ve called the following mayflies Caudatella, but honestly I’m not so sure. I admit to not being an entomologist and only provide my best guesses after doing a little research. Speaking of research, it has similar traits to a D. Flavilinea. I’ve always thought they only hatch in the fall, but who knows? I tie on a size 12 Sparkle Dun Biot Body to imitate this bug and it works!

I’ve been searching for Green Drake spinners and captured this spinner in flight. A little blurry, but I’ll work on my technique…if only they’d slow down! Actually, I’m pretty sure it isn’t a Green Drake spinner because it only has 2 tails. My research has me thinking it’s a Cinygmula.

Spinner in Flight |

And another spinner on the water.

Mayfly Spinner Floating on Water |


Cranefly |

Colorful Metolius Rainbow trout.

Bat over the Metolius searching for insects.

Vegetation found on a log.

See you soon.

Metolius Rainbow |

Enjoy…go fish!

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  1. Very nice. great resource for bug identification. How are you getting focus on flying insects? Just Luck?

  2. John, your photos never cease to amaze me. I look forward your blog post.
    Kind regards,
    Jim Burchette

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