I’m putting together a few flies for a new fly fisher. The question is, which ones do I send him? There are so many effective fly patterns to choose from.

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I’ve thought about a list of flies for a while. The problem I have is it depends on where and when he plans to fish. The following link is a post I wrote shortly after starting my RiverKeeper Flies website in 2014 – New to Fly Fishing? What Flies Should I Use? Much of this information is still valid today.

Here’s part of what I wrote back then…

Where do you think you’ll be fishing? Don’t know. Do you like to fish rivers or lakes? Don’t know. Will you fish a lot or a few times each year? Don’t know. Will you be fishing for trout? To keep things simple, that answer will be Yes! Do you want to fish dry flies or nymphs? What’s a nymph?

Are you new to fly fishing? Perhaps that’s why you are here reading this post.

It turns out I have a Basic Dry Flies listed in my Fly Patterns page. I used that as a starting point. How about some of the flies I used in Idaho and Montana this summer?

I’ll probably add a couple of nymph patterns as well.

This will be a good start for his fly box. I don’t want to overwhelm him.

The provider box is a little low at this time of year. I’ve got to get back to the vise.

Enjoy…go fish, stay safe!

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