Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Parachute Adams.

Parachute Adams |
Parachute Adams Materials|



Daiichi 1180, #12 – 20






Moose body hair


Superfine gray dubbing


Brown and grizzly


  1. Attach thread behind eye and wind halfway down hook. Wind thread halfway back towards eye. You’re now at the ¼ point.
  2. Post poly by securing on hook. Wind thread wraps up and down post to create firm base for hackle.
  3. Select 5 – 6 moose body hair fibers, align tips and tie in with tail length equal to body. Trim butts.
  4. Dub tapered body to post.
  5. Tie in both hackles around hook and up post.
  6. Dub remaining thorax area and leave thread at hook eye.
  7. Wind hackle down post and tie off.
  8. Whip finish.

For a brief history of the Parachute Adams, check out the Throw Back Thursday Fly post.

Tying notes: I recently tied size 14 fly and used 14 thread wraps to complete post.


  1. Hey john when you have 2 hackles do you rap them one at a time or both at same time?

    Your doing a great job! I sure hope it is not cutting into your tying time too much. I know karen is a little worried! Max

    1. Max,

      I happen to wrap both at the same time. After posting the poly, I tie each hackle in separately and wrap thread to the top of poly. After finishing tail and body, I pull hackle down parallel to hook shank and wrap together one wrap below the other. I’ve seen others wrap up and down the post. I tie down, minimizing the number of barbs that might get caught. But as you know, there are no specific rules to tie flies. Whatever works for you!

      When I’m lazy, I have some Whiting dun grizzly hackle and only use 1 hackle. I’m not sure the fish know the difference. Seems to work just fine. Remember, there are flies to catch fish and different flies to catch fishermen!


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