In the last week, I’ve been tying flies with purpose. Remember a recent post – Back to Tying Flies? Well that’s what I’ve been doing…tying flies. It’s the time of year when the weather has changed and so has the fishing. In fact, as I write this week’s post, it’s snowing!!! And the forecast calls for a high of 26 tomorrow with a low of 6. Brrrr!

Most of the time I tie trout flies, but the last week several steelhead flies have been tied at the vise. One was the Green Ant and it ended up as a Throw Back Thursday Fly. Here is a slightly “blinged-up” version by adding a tag and ribbing.

Green Ant - Ribbed |

The other steelhead fly is a Purple Skunk…a cross between the Purple Peril and the Green Butt Skunk.

Purple Skunk |

Why these steelhead flies?

I belong to the Central Oregon Fly Tyer’s Guild (an IFFF club) and one of our activities is to tie flies and donate them for fundraisers. I joined the Guild as a way to learn more about tying classic Atlantic Salmon flies and spey flies.

About a year ago, I tied my first Atlantic Salmon fly…the Golden Butterfly.

Golden Butterfly |

It’s one of a dozen flies on the fly plate donated to the 50th Anniversary of the IFFF. (My fly is on the second row – far right.)

Golden Plate - IFFF |

And remember the two posts about my experience tying spey flies? Tying Spey Flies – I’m Scared! and Another Spey Fly – Done! (Be sure and read them for more about my journey.) The Lady Caroline was the result.

Lary Caroline |

The Green Ant and Purple Skunk will be on a fly plate being created for the 2016 NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo on March 11 & 12 in Albany, Oregon. I finished them and the flies are waiting to be mounted. I’ll be sure to provide a picture of the final fly plate.

If you are interested in learning more about tying classic Atlantic Salmon flies and spey flies, I encourage you to join the Guild. (Just leave a comment below.)

What next? Good question. Besides finishing up a couple of fly orders for customers, I have a few sample packs of Daiichi hooks I’m trying out. They look like a good hook and VERY sharp out of the package. That should keep me busy this week!

Oh, I almost forgot. Have you signed up for a chance to win a dozen RiverKeeper Flies? You might be the lucky winner of a drawing to be held in mid-December. Check out my Custom Flies for more information.

Enjoy…go fish!

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