As they say…”and fun was had by all”. I had a great time last week at the 50th Anniversary of the International Federation of Fly Fishers Fair in Bend, Oregon. So I thought it would be appropriate to say goodbye IFFF.

Old Mill Casting Course |

I started the week finishing a few flies (3 dozen in total) RiverKeeper Flies provided to the Women’s University for fishing East Lake. And I hear several women not only saw fish, but caught a few as well…some using my flies! I tied Zebra Midges and OB2Wanchironomie for them to fish with. Karen and I tied up chironomid rigs for the ladies so they could quickly switch styles of fishing.

Here’s how I set them up:

Chironomid rig set-up

  1. Cut a 5 foot section of fluorocarbon leader.
  2. Tie top fly on one end and tippet ring on the other. I use a pupa imitation like the OB2Wanchironomie in black/silver or black/red for the top fly.
  3. Cut an 18″ section of fluorocarbon leader.
  4. Tie the short section around the long leader just above the fly using your favorite knot. I like the Improved Clinch Knot. Tighten and slide down firmly to fly.
  5. Tie on bottom fly. I use a Zebra Midge in olive.
  6. Attach regular leader to tippet ring. Be sure to add strike indicator to leader before tying on the tippet ring!

This set-up allows quick change of the upper fly. Just slide the short section up, tie on another top fly and slide knot back snug to fly.

And the flies I tied for them:

Zebra Midge

Zebra Midge |


I decided to take the drift boat to East Lake and be there to help, if necessary. Well, they got along just fine without me and did their thing…oh, did I mention they caught fish? So did I.

Here is the armada getting a little instruction:

Women's University - East Lake |

This fish took a RiverKeeper Callibaetis Emerger.

East Lake Catching |
RK Callibaetis Emerger |

I think they had a great time!

Women's University - East Lake |

Tuesday I attended the Fly Tyer’s Rendezvous. I took a dozen flies to participate in the fly box swap and was fortunate to get a box of Frank Johnson flies. Frank received the Buz Buszek award in 1984. Here are a couple of pictures of the flies I won.

Frank Johnson Fly Box |
Frank Johnson Flies |

Thursday I joined The Fly Fisher’s Place casting team (my hometown fly shop) as one of the foursome participating in the 9-hole Casting Tournament at The Old Mill in Bend. This 12-hole course is the only one in North America. Casting the course forces one to try different casting strokes…like lots of roll casts. Seems like I don’t use this cast much fishing local waters. I practiced a little before hand to brush up on my casting technique.

And our Next Cast Flyfishers fielded a youth team as well. They had a great time.

Here is one of the roll cast holes.

Old Mill Casting Course |

Oh, did I mention I WON the PRO classification with a score of 50. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win!

And I tied flies all day Friday. I just tied a few “fishing” flies. There were some very impressive fly tiers! Saw quite a few people I knew.

Tying at IFFF Fair |

Wow, I’m exhausted reliving the week!

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  1. Really enjoy reading your Blog. The variety of areas of interest, tying, fishing, volunteer work are a great read before I start my work week. Keep it up, how lucky you are to be in Central Oregon!

  2. John
    You did such a great job. With everything this week with, tying the flies for Women’s Universty to tying all day on Friday, to helping every place that you were needed. Now joining the casting team at the Fly fishers Shop you are staying very busy and working very hard.

    John and Karen you guys are the Rock of Fly Fishing.


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