Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Zebra Midge.

Zebra Midge - Black |
Zebra Midge with UV Resin – Copper wire and Bead
Zebra Midge - Silver and Black |
Original Zebra Midge – Copper & Black
Zebra Midge |
 The second Zebra Midge – Silver & Black
Zebra Midge - Olive |
Olive version with UV resin



Daiichi 1130, TMC 2487 #14 – 20


8/0 or 70 denier black or olive


Silver, copper, or gold



Gills (optional):

White antron


Silver, copper, or gold wire to match bead


  1. Start thread on hook behind bead.
  2. Tie in rib material.
  3. Wrap thread around bend of hook.
  4. Create tapered body with thread, ending behind bead.
  5. Wrap wire forward using 5 – 6 wraps.
  6. Whip finish.

Since the fly was originally developed, white antron has been used for gills in front of the bead and as a tail. You can fish both versions.

For additional information and history of the Zebra Midge, check out my Throw Back Thursday post.

The Zebra Midge has been an inspiration for many other patterns.

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  1. John, I started tying my zebra midges with a white bead (glass & tungsten) They worked very well on the Green River below Flaming Gorge dam. We are headed there again this April with our club (High Plains Drifters) out of Denver

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