Here is the fly pattern sheet for the Lady Caroline.

Lady Caroline |



Golden pheasant breast feather

Rib 1:

Gold flat large tinsel

Rib 2:

Silver small oval tinsel

Rib 3:

Gold small oval tinsel


Olive-brown dubbing


Blue-eared pheasant


Golden pheasant breast feather


Bronze mallard

I wrote a couple of blogs about my experience tying this fly:

Here is a link to Davie McPhail’s YouTube channel where he demonstrates how to tie in a bronze mallard wing. Davie is the master!

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  1. How do I purchase 2 to use on the Rogue. Love you posts. I learned of you from my friend Lee Clark. I can not tie anymore due to tremors. I met Lee on our favorite river in 1986. Tight lines. Greg

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