This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Medallion Biot Wet Fly.

Medallion Biot Wet Fly |

I selected this fly to continue the theme of biot flies I presented in the Goose and Turkey Biot Flies post this week.

The Medallion Biot Wet Fly is another fly by Shane Stalcup and can be tied in different sizes and colors to imitate a variety of mayflies. Shane’s fly pattern can be tied in sizes 8 – 16 in olive, tan, and gray. He suggests fishing this fly in the upper part of the rough waters to imitate a drowned adult mayfly.

This is one of the first flies I saw using Medallion sheeting for wings. If you like the look of this fly, be sure to check out additional fly patterns in Stalcup’s book Mayflies “Top to Bottom” (2002).

For more about Shane, see the Stalcup CDC Loop Wing Emerger Throw Back Thursday Fly post.

Enjoy…go fish!

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