My fly tying continues this week and includes working to fill an order for a good customer. Here are a few #16 PMD Quigley Film Critic flies off my Renzetti vise. They imitate a PMD hatching out of their nymphal shuck. Notice the body is brown and thorax a PMD yellow.

I posted this image on my Instagram account (@riverkeeperflies) and someone in my household said something to the affect of ” ooo, I like those. Are there any extras?”

So back to the vise I went to dress a few more flies for the provider box.

Now on to size 18 and then to three dozen Green Drake Sparkle Duns to complete the order.

In addition, I’m teaching the Improved F Fly and IOBO Humpy tonight to my local Central Oregon Flyfishers fly tying. I was asked to highlight my CDC fly tying class at this year’s NW Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, OR on March 13 & 14, 2020.

Improved F Fly - CDC Body |
Improved F Fly
IOBO Humpy Natural Dun |
IOBO Humpy

You might ask if these are too simple to catch fish. Well, they saved our bacon on a couple rivers last summer. I believe the reason comes down to profile. They just seem to work!

The following close-up images highlight differences is feather characteristics.

Hackle and CDC Feather Close-up |
Hackle vs. CDC Feather
Hackle Close-up |
Hackle Close-up
CDC Feather Close-up |
CDC Feather Close-up

I’ve got to get back to the vise…

Enjoy…go fish!

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    1. Tyler

      Thanks for leaving a Comment. No, I haven’t made any videos of me tying. You’re not the first to ask. It takes quite a bit of time just creating each post and keeping up with my fly orders. I have said to myself…someday…


      1. re: the cripples. Did you use the hackle stacker process in this version? I caught some nice fish at East lake last year using a cripple but I really like the appearance of yours. Do you have a recipe to share maybe.


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