This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Light Blow.

Light Blow |

The Light Blow is another Ray Bergman wet fly listed in his book entitled Trout (1940 – fourth printing) on page 84, Plate No. 5.

If you are a regular at RiverKeeper Flies, you recall Bergman’s book includes colored plates to illustrate the dry and wet flies with a description of each fly in the back. It was the first book to provide color fly illustrations.

I haven’t posted a Bergman wet fly in awhile. Got away from them for some reason. But I love the elegance and simplicity of Bergman’s wet flies, so here is the latest one. I’m still working on the wings!

Other Ray Bergman flies I’ve included as Throw Back Thursday Flies are: the Arthur Hoyt, the Babcock, the Blue Bottle, the Bostwick, the Bouncer, the Brown Turkey, the Chantry, the Darling, the Mark Lain, the Montreal, the Montreal Yellow, the Mrs. Haase, the Rio Grande King, the Loyal Sock, the Prime Gnat, the Silver Stork, the Walla-Walla, the Whirling Dun, and the Wilson Ant

The Light Blow

Tail:Light brown mottled turkey quill sections
Body:Quill – pronounced stripe (stripped peacock quill)
Wing:Light brown mottled turkey

Tied on a Mustad 3906, #10

Enjoy…go fish!





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  1. John, how (or if) do you prepare the wing segments for the Bergman wet flies?
    Really enjoying the “wet fly” series and looking forward to some tying.

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