This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is Ed Engle’s Wire-Body Drowned Trico.

Wire-Body Drowned Trico |

I found the Wire-Body Drowned Trico in En Engle’s book, Tying Small Flies (2004). I’ve featured flies from Ed’s book for previous TBT flies.

I paged through Ed’s book looking for a spinner pattern since I wrote about them yesterday in Tying and Fishing Galloup’s Compara Spinners.

In the book, Ed talks about trying to solve the problem of fish eating Trico spinners subsurface. This is a pattern he developed. The body is small wire. The black body represents the male and chartreuse a female. Female Trico’s can have thorax colors of black or brown. I tied these flies using a size 20 Daiichi 1120 hook.

If you fly fish lakes or some rivers, you’ll find Trico’s hatching. I’m always amazed how trout key on these tiny size 20 – 24 flies.

Lastly, here is an Amazon link to Ed Engle’s book.

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Enjoy…go fish!

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