Here is the fly pattern sheet for Ed Engle’s Wire-Body Drowned Trico.

Wire-Body Drowned Trico |



Daiichi 1120 or TMC 2488, sizes 18 – 20


Veevus 16/0, black


Two or three fibetts, white


Ultra wire, black or chartreuse – small


EP Trigger Point fibers, Spinner Wing color


Beaver dubbing, black or rusty brown


  1. Begin thread on hook two eye lengths behind eye and proceed to 50 percent mark.
  2. Select 2 or 3 fibetts and tie in on top of hook. Length should be 1 to 1 1/2 length of body. Continue wrapping thread to hook barb and back to 50 percent mark.
  3. Take a length of working thread and holding an end in each hand, place under hook and slowly bring up around hook bend between the two outer fibers and slowly pull up and forward. This action will split fibers and leave center fiber straight behind fly. Carefully secure with several thread wraps, being careful not to pull to tight.
  4. Move thread to thorax area.
  5. Cut a small length of wire and begin winding wire at thorax area towards tail. The wire is not tied in. Wind wire to tail and cut off excess on far side. Use thumb or bodkin to tighten tag end close to hook. Use small pliers or forceps and crimp end.
  6. At this point, I trim the tag created where I started the wire at thorax. Use several thread wraps to secure.
  7. Select a small bunch of EP Trigger Point fibers and secure on top of hook with figure eight wraps.
  8. Finish with a small amount of dubbing.
  9. Whip finish and trim thread.
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