This week’s Throw Back Thursday Fly is the Del Cooper.

Del Cooper |

I’ve been reading John Shewey’s Classic Steelhead Flies and decided to look in my Steelhead fly box to see if I had a few of the flies. Low and behold, I found a couple Del Coopers. I must have tied this several years ago.

Shewey attributes the fly development to Mike Kennedy, a well known steelhead fly fisherman who cast flies to steelhead in Oregon and Washington. The fly was named for Del Cooper, a Portland angler and fly tyer. It was a popular fly for the North Santiam river in Oregon in the late 1980’s.

Yes, it may be a little early to take the fly out and fish for steelhead, but it won’t be long. 

Do you have any Del Cooper’s in your steelhead fly box?

Enjoy…go fish!

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