I recently had a request to provide a few Christmas ideas for fly fishers and fly tyers. What a great idea!! Be sure to pass the list on to your significant other!

I’ll begin with fly fishing ideas and then list a few fly tyer ideas. Be sure to keep reading…for a chance to win a dozen RiverKeeper Flies of your own!

Fly Fishing

Ideas under $50

Frogs Fanny (Retail $6.95) – This is the floatant I use. People always ask “will (fill in the blank) work as well”? I don’t know…I only use Frogs Fanny. I like it for two reasons. First, the powder is very fine. Second, it comes with a brush to push the silica into the fly’s body and hackle to better float the fly. I explain how to use Frog’s Fanny in my RiverKeeper Soft Hackle Cripple fly pattern page.

Tippet Material (Retail $6.95) – Every fly fisher has a favorite leader brand and I’ve used Rio leaders and tippet for several years. When changing flies, the end of the leader (tippet) is removed and if several flies are cut off, the tapered leader is shortened and the end becomes larger. Tippet spools allow the fly fisher to replace the end. I use a lot of 6X tippet. (See my post Make your fly fishing leader last longer)

Mag eyes (Retail $20) – I didn’t used to need extra magnification to thread the leader through the hook eye, but these certainly help older eyes. Clipping them on the hat keeps them close, but out of the way.

Fishpond Net Release (Retail $29.95 ) – Here is a net magnet by Fishpond with an 8 lb magnet. This will keep your net out of the way while fishing, but releases with a quick pull. The coil allows you to drop the net in the water and not see it float away, but it’s still handy when you are ready to net the fish.

Fishpond Sweetwater Reel Case (Retail $29.95) – I like the medium size which has 4 slots for reels and spools. Very handy and keeps your reels and extra spools protected in padding as well as in one place so you won’t be searching for them. Oh, that’s never happened to me!

Black Diamond Head Lamp (Retail $39.95) – If you plan to purchase a head lamp, find one with red LEDs to preserve night vision and reduce eye strain. It also comes in handy when you say “just one more cast” and you have to walk back to your rig in the dark.


Ideas from $50 – $100

Water Filter Bottles (Retail $50) – I’ve used a filter bottle for several years. I like the convenience of not packing several pounds of water, but I can fill the water bottle at any time to keep hydrated. Everyone should use one! Katadyn is a great brand.

Fly Line Gift Certificate (Retail approx $75) – Your fly fisher probably needs a new line, but is too cheap to purchase one themselves. There are too many to choose from and they probably have a favorite, so the gift certificate from your local fly shop is the best way to go.

Korkers Boxcar Shoe (Retail $105) – I’ll bet most fly fishers don’t have a wading shoe for HOT summer fishing. I’ve not used these, but the shoe features the same interchangeable soles as the wading boots.


Ideas $100 – $200

Simms Wading Staff (Retail $149.95) – A wading staff is a necessity for many fly fishers. This fits into the category of “required” when wading deep or in the winter. Many fly fishers will not purchase one because of the price. Other companies carry them, but be sure to get a sectional staff with a retractor attached.

Korker Wading Boots (Retail $199) – There are several great brands of wading boots available for the fly fisher, including Korkers, Simms, and Patagonia. These manufacturers have multiple boots and price points available. I’ve been using Korkers for several years and recently upgraded to the Devil’s Canyon boots. I really like the BOA lacing system and ability to change soles. Lightweight and comfortable.

Ideas Over $200

The sky’s the limit here, but here are a few ideas.


Waders (Retail $400 – $500 or more) – These are great waders and I’ve used them for years. I recently purchased a pair of Redington waders to give them a try. While they are good and I wouldn’t hesitate to get another pair, the Simms product is a little more heavy duty.

Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders Retail ($500)

Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders with Thirsty Trout Keychain (Large (12-13));

Redington Super Dry Wader Retail ($400)

Fly Reel (Retail $200 – $500 ) – So many choices here…Lamson, Sage, Hardy, Abel, Ross, and one of my favorites – Galvan Torque. Any of those brands are terrific!

Fly Rods (Retail $200 – $2,000) – “You can never have enough” fly rods! I’ve been fishing my Winston BIIX fly rods for several years. Best fly rod I’ve ever owned. The Winston BIIIX has replaced my tried & true rod. As with fly reels, there are several great rod makers out there…Sage, Redington, Echo, Beulah, Scott, Orvis…the list goes on. Or try an old school bamboo fly rod. Select a price-range and there’s sure to be a good rod in it.

Fly Tying

Ideas under $50

Hooks (Retail $5 – $25) – Whether your fly tyer uses Dai Riki, Daiichi, or Tiemco hooks, pick up a pack of 25, 50, or 100. A great stocking stuffer. I always need hooks!

Dr Slick Razor Scissors (Retail $30) – These scissors are the best I’ve ever used. Sharp with large finger holes, I like the 4″ version the best. My guess is your fly tyer’s scissors are dull. They will love these!

Renzetti Tool Caddy (Retail $25) – This foam caddy with holes is a handy item for the fly tyer. It will hold scissors, bobbins, head cement, tweezers, or any other tool and keep them organized and close at hand. I use mine constantly.


Ideas over $50

Solarez UV “Roadie” Kit (Retail $60) – I’ve used a few UV resin products and this is the first one I found that doesn’t result in a tacky finish. I purchased this light & resin kit from Feather-Craft Fly Fishing. What I really like about the kit is it came with a charger and rechargeable batteries.

Fly Tying Vise (Retail $170 – $200) – I would be remiss if I didn’t include a new vise for the fly tyer. There are several great brands to choose from including Regal, Norvise, but I have tied on a Renzetti Traveler 2000 for several years and really like it. Purchase one with the base and they’ll be able to tie anywhere. They make them in right- and left-hand models. Check out the 2200 or 2300 models. 



Books are always a great present. Rather than provide a long list of books here, check out my favorites on the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying page.

Custom RiverKeeper Flies

Custom Flies with Fly Box (Retail $50 + S/H) – Here is your chance to purchase some RiverKeeper Flies for your fly fisher or even yourself! Order a dozen (or more) custom River Flies or Lake Flies for your fly fisher and get a new fly box as well.


Custom River Box | www.johnkreft.com


Custom Lake Box | www.johnkreft.com

Free Drawing


Free RiverKeeper Flies – Here’s your chance to win one dozen flies of your very own. I plan to hold a drawing in mid-December for all my SUBSCRIBERS and mail a dozen flies to the winner! You’ll be able to choose between the Custom River Flies or Lake Flies.

Already a SUBSCRIBER? Then you’re already in the drawing. Not a SUBSCRIBER? Just fill in the info located at the top right of every page to SUBSCRIBE. As a SUBSCRIBER, you’ll receive an email notification and link to the latest blog post from RiverKeeper Flies. And be in the running to win one dozen flies. I’ll use a random generator to pick the winner and post the winner’s name.


So there is your Christmas shopping list. Go to your local fly shop and see what products they have which are close to these or use the links I’ve provided to purchase them online.


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